Increase Swagbucks Earnings – Consistency and Goals

Swagbucks is a rewards website that pays out in a cyber-currency  that can be cashed in for gift cards – in other words, real money. But is Swagbucks really worth it?  In my experience, yes it is — but if you want to see some meaningful cash, you have to be consistent.

If you do not have a Swagbucks account yet, click here to sign up for one today.  For more information, see my Swagbucks tutorials.

Once you have logged in to your own Swagbucks account on a browser, you will notice a Daily Goal at the top.  You have to opt-in for the daily goal tool, which I highly recommend.  It doesn’t cost anything, and from that point forward, every day you have a chance to rack up some bonus SB that will collect until it pays off a week or so into the next month.  The goal provides two target amounts – a smaller Daily Goal of SB to earn (which if you achieve on a daily basis, earns you streaks and more bonus SB), and a largerTotal Goal